Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Tree

A tree to rival all trees! Christmas preparations are well and truly underway in the Pou-Rafferty household. First things first – the tree is up. I was originally intending to get a tree from the Chrissy tree rental place I blogged about, but I was a bit disappointed in the tree that was delivered. Panic followed. It was too small to hold all my decorations (I would be lucky if it took one box...), so I promptly asked for it to be collected and taken back. I'm sure they have very nice trees, and they did give me the option to pick another that I declined as I had already nabbed one from the Haarlemmerplein florist. I was on a time crunch. Decisions had to be made and with guests arriving for the weekend, I had to just make a move.
Once the tree was secured, the fun part came. It was all hands on deck; Mum unwrapping decorations, Dad on an emergency ornament hook run to Blokker, as I was hanging the decorations Mum passed to me. As you can see from the dining table covered in decorations, egg cartons fill of them also, I have a lot of decorations. Some may say too many, but not I! There's a lot vintage ornaments that are among my most prized possessions, as well as some decorations that usually have some meaning behind them; be it a token of a city visited, symbol of Australia (surfing Santa, cockatoo, etc.), or Catalunya (half a tomato, donkey, caga tio, etc), something that represents someone we know (tennis racket, dog for our Zoe and Raffie), or just something that looked cool.
Above: me with the work in progress tree as the sun sets in the background, and below the finished. 
Some details of the tree with some of my favourite ornaments. This collection has been going for over 13 years now and every year the odd piece is added to the total. But it's only every few years I actually get to put the tree up as I'm usually off traveling to see family or friends over Christmas. This year with Oscar's arrival this Christmas is going to be very special. Aside form Edu and I having our first Xmas together both in Amsterdam and in our own house with our first child, we also have the added bonus of my parents being here and my brother and sister joining us this weekend. What a doosey this year will be! Hope you all have your tree up and decorated. I just love it!

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daphne barrett rossi said...

I LOVE your Christmas tree with its fascinating decorations. I like the vintage ones but they are difficult to find now.I have a tiny tree with small decoration and have a small Pinocchio - I live in Milan where there's v. little space in apartment.