Thursday, 30 January 2014

Other Wordly

This blog is usually all about inspiring images but today I'm mixing it up and it's all about words. Other Wordly is a Tumblr blog of unusual, ancient, and forgotten words. It's beautiful to see how language tries to capture the world around us, our thoughts, and feelings. I picked out a few of my faves –
I have known my fair share of rantipoles in my life. Some may say, I too, have ran rantipole at times.
Well, lord knows, there's enough wind in this country. You get a daily dose of uitwaaien whether you like it or not. The mystery of the very clear straight-forwardness of the Dutch somewhat explained.
I indeed suffer from yoko meshi whenever I subject someone to my Dutch.
Interesting, says she, married to a Spaniard...* I'll be ready to exclaim "settle down you with your alharaca!" if and when the time comes.
Pretty much the first word your Dutch friends will teach you when you live in Holland. They are immensely proud of this word; which cannot be truly translated or described in English, I'm told. Fun fact; the only Dutch word that has been included into the English language is apartheid...little bit sad.
Kawaakari is a sight I adore. I can see the light on the Ij in the evening from the front of my house, and on the waters of Westerdok out the back. Seeing water (day or night) is crucial to my inner calm. I had a view of the Marnixkade from my last apartment which was an oasis, and I think it's key to any future dwelling. Nothing is more serene.
Ouch. There's a word for this? Damn. Edu and I have a bad case of tsundoku. Must make amends...
I guess my oriflamme would have to be the southern cross. More so than a country's flag, or any other symbol I can think of. That, or a squirrel.**
A useful word for many an expat, I suspect.
Yes. It deserves it's own word. "I had a busy day of oniochalasia". Indeed; better.
Totally needs it's own word, too. I love the smell of soil at the start of spring fresh in the morning after morning rain. Although according to I F**king Love Science, this is actually caused by bacteria being released from the soil into the air. Whatever. I still like the smell.
 Awww. So Japanese.
I'm getting my vorfreude on this weekend. All will be revealed in Friday's post.
Impressive that there's a culture out there that has a need for a word for such an act.

And I'll end here. There are many many more wonderful word discoveries waiting for you on Other Wordly. Go ahead and devote your next hour to discovering them instead of doing some online oniochalasia.

*Technically he is Catalan, just for the record...
**My husband and I have a running squirrel joke to the extent that it's kind of become a symbol of love in our relationship. (I know... puke, right?)

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