Wednesday, 19 February 2014

File Under Wishlist

Anyone looking for a birthday pressie for me look no further! Behold; the Motex hand labeler. Coloured tape? Um, yes, please! There are a stack of fab coloured tape to pick from. My fave's are: fluro; green and yellow, metallics; silver, gold (for those extra special labels), and finally very on-trend bright blue and black combo. It would take a lot of energy not to go around the house labeling everything in sight... a lot.

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Unknown said...

Hi D,
I saw this and did some reasearch in amsterdam. Hema sells this one actually. Called Lettertang(apparently left on both Hema in Kalverstraat). I was not such a fan of the font on this label maker so I think i will order the label maker from (they have 2 types) and then get the great color tapes from hema. so then you know where you can get them in amsterdam just in case.
cheers, S