Thursday, 6 February 2014

Libuse Niklova

If you're a fan of vintage toys you're probably aware of the work of Libuše Niklová. I was familiar with the toys, but I didn't realize they were all the product of one person, let alone a female Czech designer. Libuše was born in 1934 in the Czech Republic, and died in 1981. She studied plastic moulding and ended up at Fatra designing children's toys. Fatra is still in business today, and you can see they're still producing some of the original inflatable toys.
So bright and colourful I think these would all sell like hot cakes today still. The parts click in to the main body of the solid plastic toys, a forerunner of the Tupperware animals, is my guess. You can buy some of the inflatable toys online. The more solid toys are hard to come by, and expensive when they do pop up. But fear not, there's a beautiful book on Libuše's work to satisfy you. At the end of the post there's a video of Libuše's son (nice shorts) talking about his mothers work.

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