Monday, 10 March 2014

Weekend Bonanza

What an incredible weekend. The sun shone down onto Amsterdam the whole weekend and Edu, Oscar, and I made the most of it. Saturday, for the first time in a while, we headed off for our first family trip o Ij Hallen. As some commented on my Instagram feed 'Your favourite'. Indeed, it is. This time we hit the ground running; finding and nabbing a mid century steal children's bed for our little man. Simple, yet beautiful. It's just three interlocking pieces and will come up a treat once painted. I'm thinking grass green... It's not much to look at now, so photos of that later. There were a bunch of these beds, but I think we nabbed the best of them. A steal at €40. And very happy to avoid another trip to Ikea when the time comes. Also spied; these postcards of vintage Holland. 
Hubby spied these next two pieces: two lovely puzzles. Fun faces and classic cars. 
Continuing on the auto theme, I found these Dinky Toys road signs, and below some lego boards for some serious building in the future.
The find of the day, aside form the bed I love, is this series of cards explaining milk production. A simply stunning series with sublime illustrations.
Wonderful use of negative space. Amazing bold colours and in mint condition, I doubt they've ever been used.
Final destination. And what could be more fitting for a designer living in Holland? Not sure how to display... but just adore it. Oh, and the best part, the entire set was a mere €8. Incredible. 

Of course there was some classic 'Lelly' finds. Two vases what will fit beautifully into my collection. And a nice brand-spanking-new little 50's egg beater. All in all, a fab trip. And Oscar behaved himself very well the entire day. Good lad. Ij Hallen was followed by a lovely walk through the city, then a stop off on Westerstraat for some fine Italian home cooking. Sunday the un shone again all day. It was a lazy start to the day but eventually we made it out of the house and to the Westerpark – like everyone else in the west – for what felt like a summers day. In early March. Crazy. Well, here's hoping the sun is here to stay for a bit longer, eh? Happy Monday.

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