Friday, 18 April 2014

A Very Good Friday

Happy Good Friday! Now, I'm not religious at all, but I do love the holidays and I don't see it as being hypercritical at all. What I love about the holidays are the little family traditions that accumulate over time. Waking up to Mum's perfect hot cross buns cooking in the oven ready for scoffing back with a good dollop of butter, after we kids have helped decorate them with their – usually pretty wonky –crosses. Fish for dinner; usually Flake* and chips from the Blue Strawberry, Sandy Bay. And, of course, enjoying the days off school (you get a week in Oz) and CRAFTING! Oh, yes, Easter always = craft. Whether it was making paper baskets with bunny ears and pom-pom tails, making bunny masks, making chocolate eggs with elaborate moulds (my Mum went through a choc making faze and we have a heap of moulds), or decorating real blown eggs, it was always good fun. And decorating eggs brings me to these beauties!
Totem-egg-poles! Pretty amazing, aren't they? They're the handy work of Mr Printables and fantastic inspiration. I've been planning on making these this Easter with my family so I've been steadily blowing eggs for the last few weeks. Lots of omelets and pavlovas happening in my house. If the results are any good, I'll post them online. I really like the stackable people, and simple patterns and shapes. If you're looking for some illustration inspiration, take a look at Ingela P Arrhenius' work for lovely simple retro faces that would be easy for kids to take cues from. Or, the classic Vitra wooden doll series.
Well that's it for me. All that's left is to read The Country Bunny and the little gold shoes – one of my favourite Easter children's books – to little Oscar then sit back and wait for Easter Sunday to roll on when the Easter Bunny will bring me lots of chocolate eggs!! He's sneaky, but always leaves a trail... little footprints on the hearth or table, and the inevitable bit of bunny tail will catch on a corner. Eggs will be left in a vintage paper mâché egg to divvy up and hidden around the house. These are the good things of Easter in the Rafferty house.
*Flake is shark. And it's yummy.

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