Monday, 7 April 2014

Favourite Things

So who went to Ij Hallen this weekend? I was going to skip it, but then on the day thought what the heck! Treasure we found, as always. Above, vases for the collection. €5 each.
Wheels for the boy. He turned 5 months old on Sunday, so is a little while off riding this but at €20 for a brand new bike, couldn't say no.
Apparently this is something for trains... the colourwheel spins. I don't know. Just a nice piece of randomness. €8.
Tupperware toy complete set! Great condition and it came with the original bag. €10. I've got the dog and elephant, so those can find new homes now.
Ok. Now these are very old Thorgal comics. My hubby is mad on comics and has a pretty huge collection of them. Thorgal is basically a an alien (but like Superman is an alien), who came to earth and became a hero. Only Thorgal became a great viking. And so we named our son is named after him (middle name). Obviously. Picked up these Dutch copies to have some fun with.
Linens. Some nice tea towels – fab Aussie one, and a X-mas tree skirt, €4 the lot, and lovely hand-stitched table cloth, €8.
Collections for the collector. My father-in-law is a collector (man after my own heart) and collects sugar packets. Edu and I bring them to him from our travels, and at Ij Hallen I found someone's collection book of packets. So these are headed to Spain where they'll be appreciated.
Cowboys and Indians for the little one. Yes! A whole set, plus a family of lions. €5 .
And lastly, some beautiful type on glass. No idea what I'm going to do with it, but couldn't resist. I'll be away for the next market, and might give it a bit of a break for a while anyway. Hope all who went struck gold too. 

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