Thursday, 3 April 2014

Feel The Burn

Ok. So no design or illustration today. In fact, it's all about the opposite; the not-so-pretty state of my body. I'd like to say it's all pregnancy-induced... but that would be a lie. It's all years of neglect and downright laziness. And my love of chocolate and ice cream. And my inability to stop at 2 cookies. But, I'm on a mission to get fit. Ok, fit-er. I have visions of looking like the women in these pictures above and below. Completely unrealistic, I do realise. Age alone is against me. But, I have started to make a go of it. I began with Quick-Fit - the 7 minute workout app. So far, so good. I have progressed to proper push-ups now, when I could barely manage knee-push-ups at the beginning. Progress! I manage it about 6 times a week, giving myself Sunday off. They've just released Quick 4 - a fat-buring workout, which I've started to do also. It's 4 minutes long, so that brings me up to 11 mins of dedicated exercise most days. It might not seem like much, but it's better than the zero I started with and around a 4 month old baby it's about all I can manage.
And now I've discovered '30 day challenges'. These are exactly that; exercises to do for 30 days. I'm starting with the 30 Day squat challenge. I've been told I may not be able to walk by day 17. Heck, if I make it to day 17, that'll be an achievement in itself. There are a bunch of challenges on this website to target any area of your bod you so desire. My aim is to trim down the thunder thighs before I return to work, so I'm going to start making use of all their other challenges and see how I go. Thanks, Ret, for introducing me to the Squat challenge to begin with! Although I may hate you in days to come for this...
Last, but not least, Lazy Girl Fitness. For obvious reason, this has high appeal. Not only that I have baby prop already! Yes! Already ahead. Though they're not all dependent on babes... there are plenty of other exercises. Nice inspiration of easy things you can do around the house to tone up. I should really take 'before and after' pics, but I'm a bit scared. One to show you the 'before' and two, that the 'after' might not look so different. Hmm. Decisions decisions.

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