Friday, 4 April 2014


The sun is here. Early. It's fantastic. So yesterday I took a day to chill out and enjoy it while it lasts. Oscar slept well during the day (up for 1.5hrs, asleep for almost 2, Mum) and when he was up, he was content exploring his own little sphere so long as I was close by. I set Oscar up inside by the open doors on his sheepskin, and made a tent of his play gym to keep the sun off. I sprawled out on my balcony, had a cup of coffee, watched the boats cruising about the Westerdok and the sun glistening on the water's surface, and read. Perfection. The sun warming me through to the core. I could feel the freckles juicing up and becoming more myself again. Not the washed-out European winter version of myself. And very appropriate to be basking in light and sunshine as I'm reading Why You Are Australian by Nikki Gemmell. Although she tugs strongly on the heart strings, it's a very interesting and poignant read for expat Aussie's abroad. That's why there's no real post today; been too busy doing nothing. Enjoy your weekends*; I hope the sun continues to shine.

* Ij Hallen and Sunday Market are on this weekend!

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