Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Tsuno Pads

Wanna be a do-good-er? Need some simple way to make life better for women and girls all over? Well here's a truly great initiative that should do the trick. Melbourne based designer and social activist Roslyn Campbell has done all the hard work for us – whoo-hoo! She's come up with a great, smart idea, and all she needs to bring it to the masses is some cold hard cash backing.
So what's the big idea, you ask? Roz has produced Tsuno Pads; sustainable and socially responsible sanitary pads that won't break the bank, with a whopping 50% of profits going to programs to help women in developing countries. Yes, you read that correctly; FIFTY PERCENT. That's pretty generous, right?
That's where we, the public, come in. You can make a difference just my one small consumer choice. So open your purse-strings, and give a little to make this place a better one. Roz needs to raise AUS $40K to make her first big shipment. In Roz' own words – "Let’s stick it to the corporate man, and embrace the power that we have as socially conscious consumers!"

Ok, so good? Good. Now go!

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