Friday, 19 September 2014

Merino Kids

Look at the beautiful items the folks at Merino Kids sent for Oscar! What a lucky boy. If you haven't heard of Merino Kids they're an award-winning baby and infant sleepwear and clothing company from New Zealand. I have to say I was curious, to say the least about how the clothes would be when I was first contacted. Wool's not always the fabric you think of when you're thinking of soft and gorgeous clothes for your precious little one. How wrong could I be? I was very pleasantly surprised to unwrap a pair of gorgeously silky soft pyjama's for my little grub, that fit beautifully and have lots of room for moving in their wrap-top design. My little one has been plagued by eczema since a few months after birth and so I'm very careful about what I put him in, especially at night. That, coupled with with the fact that finding a decent pair of Pj's to begin with has been nigh-on impossible in Holland. 
Merino wool is a fab fabric, as it turns out; not only does it breath and control moisture, and regulates temperature well (a concern with eczema is overheating the skin), but being a natural fibre it also reduces irritations and allergies. Naturally fire resistant, and quality that lasts. These PJ's won't be the last pair Oscar has, for sure.
As well as the beautiful PJ set, Oscar received this lovely stripy Go Go sleeping bag. For safety Oscar's been only using sleeping bags since he learned to wiggle out of his swaddles at 3 months. They're conveinient, safe as there's no risk of him getting caught up and smothered by sheets (and this kid moves a lot during the night), as well as being a great signifier of 'bedtime' in the routine. The design is smart and will fit babies from 2-3 months through to 2 years. So you'll surely get your money's worth out of it. A mix of superfine merino wool and 100% organic cotton, and again; beautiful designs and colourways. Very tasteful, and classic. These would make gorgeous gifts, too. Thank you, Merino Kids, for the introduction to these lovely products, I have one happy (spoiled!) little boy.

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