Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Up, Up, And Away...

This is it! After 13+ years I'm leaving Amsterdam. Wow. We're packing up, renting out our house, and heading to NYC!! Yep. Trading in Old Amsterdam for New Amsterdam. I can hardly believe I'm leaving after spending bout a third of my life here. And I never thought I'd return to the States, let alone live in The Big Apple. It's going to be quite a shock to the system after village life of Amsterdam but I'm sure we'll adapt. We didn't have plans to leave, but after quitting his job at Wieden+Kennedy to look for a fresh start and new challenges, the States then came knocking on our door and things moved fast. Super fast. So now I've quit my job at Sid Lee and we're off at the end of the October. Eeek!
I'm a mixture of anxious, excited, overwhelmed at the amount of work I have do do between now and the end of October to actually pack up three lives and move, and so curious and eager to see what life might be like for us over there. Of course, now with Oscar I look at such a move through very different eyes. But I think we'll have lots of fun. We'll probably be living in Brooklyn somewhere, and are blessed with many friends already living in Brooklyn and Manhattan so that should make the transition much easier.
Benefits of living in NYC; amazing service, amazing Mexican food that I miss, so much to do. We're taking the bikes, so hopefully we can bike around DUMBO and other areas of Brooklyn safely. Work wise, I'm not sure what I'll be doing just yet. Our plan is to land, find an apartment, set up our home, and then probably look for something in the New Year. Amazingly my parents are able to join us over there for a bit when we land, so that will make the transition way easier. So. A new adventure awaits. Super exciting. The blog will continue, of course, as I try to fulfil my need for vintage treasure hunting and flea marketing over the other side of the pond. Also I'm trying to see if there are any last things I should do in Amsterdam before leaving; suggestions welcome! 

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