Friday, 17 October 2014

It's Actually Happening

This is IT! Radio silence has been due to the massive task of sorting and packing all our stuff up in preparation for The Big Move. I only finished work a week ago, and it's been pretty hectic unravelling a life here in Amsterdam. The last few weeks have been a constant rotating chore list; unsubscribe, de-register, re-direct, sort, purge, recycle, give away, clean, pack, and trash. Though I have quite enjoyed the big purge. Nice to de-clutter a bit. Now the movers are packing as I type. They've been just lovely and have told us some fantastic stories of the houses they've seen. Quite an eye opener. I'm still in denial that we're actually leaving this city and moving. It's just too hard to believe. The thrill of buying a one-way ticket to NYC and starting a new life there is only just starting to seep in as the stress and brain-space needed for wrapping up things here slowly winds down. Well, best get back to it...wish me luck!

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