Saturday, 29 November 2014

Under The Knife In Mineola

Well, six weeks into our new life and a lot's happened. Last Wednesday I had my surgery to remove a cyst, as it turned out, on my fallopian tube. Tube also had to go so now I'm one tube down. The cyst was huge and 'basketball' sized. Yup. Pretty nuts and hard to believe. But I have gone from looking 6 months pregnant to just a bit fat 'n' podgy now; the more normal 4 months preggo look. The surgeon was great, all went really well. Only issue was that I couldn't have the surgery in Manhattan, instead we had to trek out to Mineola, Long Island to the Winthrop University Hospital. I have to stay the staff were fantastic – every single one of them. Super friendly and attentive, and caring. Aside from the surgery all going to plan, we had an ultrasound of Mini Pou #2 – Dash, as we call him/her – both before and after the surgery and s/he's doing fine. Must have a lot more room now! A big relief. No more fear of making one false move with a ticking time bomb in your tummy; having the cyst rupture or contort, both of which would have been excruciating and emergency surgery. Bullet dodged. Should be recovered in a week or so. But for now it's just resting, recovering, relaxing, enjoying the pregnancy more, and then looking forward to properly living our new life in the city. Not really the romantic weekend away Edu and I had in mind for our first trip away in the US, but I for one did wake up in our hotel room the day after surgery on Thanks Giving day very thankful indeed.

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