Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Brooklyn Flea

Another city, another flea market. Now we're settling in in Brooklyn it was time to check out the flea market. There are a few choices around the city usually, but not so many this time of year. As luck would have it the Winter Flea & Holiday Market is but a stone's throw from my house in Crown Heights. It was bitterly cold out, but we braved it for treasure.
There was a lot do vintage, but I have to say, most vintage stores were all carbon copies of themselves; vintage bunting, Christmas ornaments, signs, etc., and all things I have enough of.
One store I did like was Dan's Parents House. They had a lot of junk, mixed in with treasure. But way less hipster curated so a bit more interesting. I got the old Snoopy pull toy that needs a little TLC, because Oscar saw it and went bananas for it. And the little phone is an sale mans model I couldn't resist. Donkey Golden book thrown in for free! The other two items I got from a guy I bought a Halloween decoration from the weekend we arrived. Inflatable Santa and yacht! Oscar tested out the yacht tonight in the bath; liked it, but did not want his little ducks going for a joy ride in it. They got hurled out immediately.
There were lots of food stores for lunch and items to take home. I had a Japanese vegetarian curry; a far cry from the bitterballen in a roll I usually have at the Ij Hallen. And my beloved poffertjes were switched out for a donut from Dough. I can live with that one. All in all, interesting to see, and I'll be back, but on the whole a bit too commercial. I like more other people's junk. That's the real kind of treasure hunting I like. 

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