Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Windows

Here we go, a few shots of the Anthropologie Christmas windows at Rockafella Centre from a quick Sunday trip to the city. These windows are always the best Anthropologie windows. I love this store for inspiration, but I find the clothing and other home items too ornate for my style, and pretty expensive. I did a quick round of the store, found a little mug I liked and thought, yes! I'll have that. Until I saw the $60 price tag. Seriously, who spends $60 on a little mug? Looking online there were some even more expensive, one was $74. I kind of want to just hang around in the store and see who would buy it. Maybe I'll wait for the sales and see if it drops, oh, I don't know, 80%-odd. Anyway, maybe they need to charge so much in order to make these lovely windows. I have a few crafty friends who I know will like these photos, so these are for you, Mandy and Liv!

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