Thursday, 25 December 2014


It's Christmas!! We're having another lovely family Chrissy here in Brooklyn as my Mum and Dad are still here to spend it with Edu, Oscar, Dash (rockin' Chrissy from the inside), and I. Last weekend I got my bake on and made these gingerbread biscuits. I adjusted the tried and tested Australian Woman's Weekly recipe (from the old Beautiful Biscuits book, a 1982 classic). Only thing I did was to add some grated lemon rind (not that you can really taste it... maybe more next time), and then a fair whack of lemon juice to help bind the ingredients.
I thought I'd have to modify the recipe as it uses golden syrup and I thought I'd have to switch it out with molasses, BUT shock-horror, my little local supermarket had Lyle's Golden's Syrup. Two tins, so I snavelled them both. I also cheated a bit and and got ready-made icing. Saved a lot of time. They didn't have white though, which was a bugger, so my biccies are a bit multi-coloured, but no matter! The icing set really nicely. Pretty happy with the bake in the end. We left one out for Santa, naturally... Happy Christmas! Hope everyone has a lovely day xxx

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