Monday, 15 December 2014

Eggs Are Out

This week I planned to post some craft achievements from the weekend, but I didn't get very far yesterday. Oscar was unsettled and didn't go down for his afternoon easily, then we had what we believe was an allergic reaction to egg after dinner. Very distressing for mother and child. Poor little man. This is one of the hardest things I've had to face in motherhood so far; my boy's health conditions.

He's had really bad eczema from a very young age (2 months), and another skin issue scare, and now this allergy. All things that are tricky to know how to cure as they're so individual; eczema in particular, could be triggered by one of a million things. We've gone through dozens of different creams, from about half dozen countries. The best cream that works for us is Goldnerz intensive cream, in combination with their moisturising cream. Also with cortasone (0, 01mg), for when it's really bad to knock it on the head. but we try and use it as little as possible. This along with constant moisturising. A lot of babies grown out of it, but we were concerned with both the severity of Oscar's case and the extremely early onset of it that he wouldn't. But, he's been great the last few days.

Then last night the reaction to egg. And poor boy had a flare up that looked like mosquito bites on his body and usual eczema-targeted areas (wrists, arms, back and front of knees). So last night was spent trying to hold it together, and researching egg allergies. And shock-horror, there's a strong link with infantile eczema sufferers. Egg allergy is the most common food allergy – who knew?

So, today we have a trial Nanny, or rather Manny, arriving very soon for when Oscar wakes up from his morning nap. A nice musician from Barcelona who's hopefully going to pack some Catalan into our little boy's head. And give me a break and time to to errands at the same time. Whilst he's with Oscar I will attempt to make some headway with my craft projects. I'm on a time crunch, as they're for Chrissy; little bit of mistletoe (above, sneak peek work-in-progress) to hang up and a Christmas wreath. This is all part of the bigger Project Use It or Loose It (more on that to come). Aiming to have them finished by the time Edu arrives home from his business trip to Seoul. Wish me luck.

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