Friday, 19 December 2014

Use It Or Loose It: Christmas

Today's post is about making mistletoe. Pictures of the work-in-progress throughout and the reason behind it I'll explain now. Ok, so since the move I've discovered that I have a lot of stuff. A lot. After arriving in Amsterdam 13 years ago with just one suitcase and a carry on, I now have a lotta crap. Crap I love, obviously, but don't really need. I tried to downsize before we left Amsterdam, but time was short and there were only so many cupboards, draws, shelves, attics, and boxes I could go through. I did manage to take a serious look at my wardrobe; a stack of clothes were shipped off to my little sister, a pile given away to some girlfriends, and the rest dropped off into the charity box. I was ruthless. Felt good.
Now I'm continuing the same hard line with the remainder of my stuff as I unpack boxes on the other side of the Atlantic and take a good hard look of what I have and what I need. Within reason. Let's not get too crazy. So, first things first. The other day I went through my stack of tear sheets. These are pages from magazines I've collected since moving to Europe. In my effort to at least not have a decade worth of whole magazines lying around, I decided just to rip out the pages I really wanted for reference. Good theory, right? Good, but in reality I never really looked at them and there were a good 400+ pages, which is actually a lot of paper and thus quite heavy. So, managed to go through it all and cull to about 20 sheets of really handy stuff, or a few pieces of beautiful references. I also found an interior article featuring a friend's Amsterdam apartment before they bought it. I'll pop that in the mail for them as a surprise. I've gone through all my novels, art, design, fashion, and coffee table books, and other random stuff, and currently have four boxes full to the brim ready for a tag sale next summer. Maybe after new baby Dash has outgrown some basics and I can purge some baby stuff too. See, I'm on a roll.
So, where does felt and Christmas stuff come in, you ask? Well, I have a lot of Christmas decorations – check out last years post on The Tree for a glimpse. That's one of my biggest and most loved collections. But, with this new ruthless mindset, I took a good hard look at the ornaments as I unpacked them and culled a good two shoe-boxes worth of decorations. Ones that don't really fit my retro vibe, or that I had duplicates of. Then I grabbed my pile of felt and decided to make something with the rest of the stuff I had; a Christmas wreath, and a switch of mistletoe. You've now seen the mistletoe spring to life though this post, and final result below. I'm quite happy with it. I used up a bunch of felt, including a beautiful piece of muted green that Ms Olivia send me a gift in once I couldn't bring myself to throw away (it's handy felt, after all) which was the perfect dark green for my foliage. And love having another crafty treasure to bring out each year. Next post #useitorlooseit challenge number 2 – the wreath.

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