Monday, 22 December 2014

Use It Or Loose It: The Wreath

Part 2 of my Christmas project #useitorlooseit – the Christmas Wreath. I had a bunch of felt, mini ornaments I really didn't need on the tree, red bows from Bless I couldn't bare to part with, and some felt snowflakes that were part of Anthropologie's Christmas wrapping a good 14-ish years ago that I have hung onto knowing on day they would come in handy.
I made a circular base out of some grey felt, cut around 60+ holly leaves, sewed a line down the middle of them to give them a more leafy look, then decided how to arrange them. I was going to do them in clusters but it looked messy so ended up for a more traditional wreath design; leaves going around from the bottom to the top of the circle. Pinning everything on first to make sure it was going to work, then tacking the leaves and other decoration into place. Pretty pleased with the result! Nice and bright wreath to enjoy for years to come. And, of course, have actually used a pile of stuff that's been sitting in a box for years...

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