Friday, 2 January 2015

Fort Greene Park

A ten minute walk down the road from our house and you hit Fort Greene Park. It's a lovely space, with a hill in the middle from which point you get a view through the treetops over to Manhattan. Running down the side of it is a farmers market that's on all year on Saturday's. Boxing Day was sunny and lovely, so we brunched at a cafe nearby and then took the boy to burn some energy at the park. And burn he did. He found a football and kicked it about for a while, then we all walked up the hill while Oscar pretty much ran up it, had a look, Oscar ran around some more, about then back down. On the way down he saw two guys in their early 20's kicking a ball around, got excited, went up to the ball and then proceeded to dribble it around the field. The guys were impressed. Boy's got some skills. Then we headed back down Dekalb Avenue which has a few nice shops and brunch places, then home. I've heard there's a good flea market here in the summer, I'll be checking that out for sure.

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