Friday, 9 January 2015

Socks and Stuff

Busy week. My folks left on Monday, just. Their flight was actually Sunday...whoopsy. So there was a bit of a scramble to sort a new flight out of the Big Apple to Amsterdam so they could then resume their return trip home, but we managed in the end. Since then I've been home alone with the boy. It's been freezing outside (-12°C!!) so we've stayed in a lot. Playing. Kicking the soccer ball. A few tantrums as Oscar adjusts to not having attention 100% of the time. I introduced him to crayons. He have a few stabs at paper then tried to eat them. But, it's a start. It's fairly quiet at home, but I like the quiet and calm. O and I are figuring out our little routine.
I've seen a few nice things online but haven't had a chance to sit and blog about them. So I'm just sharing these amazing Ryan Gosling socks. I think I need to get them for a few friends.
Ok, computer is about to die. More later.

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