Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Use It Or Loose It; Beanbags!

One of my bigger collections that takes up the most room is fabric. I've got vintage fabric that I love, and could never part with, but could also never find the right use for. Cue; new house, lack of furniture, the need for more cosy seating close to the floor for parent and little Oscar, especially as I get bigger and bigger as baby number two grows. Though, each piece of the vintage fabric isn't huge and so I didn't want a really complex sewing pattern that would waste too much of each piece. Or more to the point, do my head in trying to figure out a pattern. I'm not a great sewer. I usually make things up as I go along. And sew a lot of straight lines.
Then I found this; the simple triangle beanbag! SO simple. With next to no fabric wastage, as I can just make it to whatever scale the fabric allows. And here's how I got on. I made 5 bean bags in the end; two toddler sized ones from car fabric I picked up years ago from the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, and to my surprise Oscar LOVED them. He uses them, a lot. I have one in his bedroom and one in his play pen. So that was an unexpected hit. He likes to run and flop down on top of them. It's hilarious. If you have little kids, bean bags are fab. Sometimes he just sits and chills out for a few minutes in them.
Anyway, then I made three more using vintage fabric I had found in Amsterdam (over a decade ago, I might add) and from a work trip to Montreal back in 2010. So, their time had come to be fished out of the cupboard and put to use. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Almost no fabric waste and voilĂ ! Comfy seating for all. I have two adult bean bags in the living room, and one upstairs on a little coffee seat landing. Handy for then the family visit in a few month to meet baby Dash. If you're looking for the pattern, I roughly followed this one. I just didn't always make mine square; just to the size of the fabric. Also this blogger is using hers for storage of duvet's, etc., where as I made mine with a muslin/calico inner and filled that with Ez Fill Pearl Beads bean bag filler, from Bed Bath and Beyond. I made the inner bag so there would be no bean accidents and I could easily wash the covers if need be. I needed 6 bags of beans for the 5 bean bags. And very happy I made covers with separate bean bag fillers, as I can already see a trail of snot Oscar has lovingly left on one bag... bless him. Rascal.
Another successful 'use it or loose it' project completed. I'm going to take a break from crafts and get on with a side project I've had on the go for a while. Any suggestions though for what to do with my (very girly) Liberty fabrics will be much appreciated. That's next on my list...

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Unknown said...

Frame a piece of your liberty fabric to make a nice piece of art!