Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Brooklyn Flea Take 2

This weekend just gone Edu, Oscar, and I headed to the Brooklyn Flea. It was Edu's first visit, and this weekend they happened to have a mini record fair on. The record fair was indeed mini, and try as he might, Edu didn't find anything super special and walked away empty handed. And I have to say, the flea market side kinda need to look up the definition of what a flea market actually is. This market, I hate to say it, is really just boutique vintage stores in a faux market setting. $3 vintage nails (no, seriously), and $50 handmade mugs do not a flea market make.
The only stall that comes close is Dan's Parent's House, where I got these four signs for $15. Not really cheap, but couldn't walk away empty handed now. One good discovery was Berg'n upstairs; good food, and a big open space. Surprisingly not very kid friendly (no high chairs!), very un-NYC we've found, considering a large portion of the people there had kids. An easy fix, Berg'n. Just saying. So, other than that and the Dough donuts, I'm not sure I'll be in a hurry to get back there. Shame. And now I have to wait until April for the other markets to reopen. Oh, Ij Hallen, I miss thou...

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