Monday, 30 March 2015

Bee Teeth

I'm a bit of a bunting junkie, I'd readily admit it. So it goes without saying that I adore these banners by Bee Teeth. I've only just come across this designer/artist, Dan Christofferson, and absolutely adore everything he does and makes. There are so many people making banners and the like, I know they're all the rage, but none that are as unique and well designed and crafted as Dan's, in my opinion. Next level, yo.

But Dan's creative juices don't stop at bunting. He's also designed these gorgeous banner flags. I feel like my son NEEDS one in his room. I love the 'Stay Wild' but given Oscar is 16 months old that might be a tad scary for the little dude. 'Stay True' I think is beautiful and perfect for the grub. Site says sold out... Dan, Dan, Dan, we need to talk. Chop chop and start makin' some more please!
But wait, there's more eye candy yet. These gold wall plaques are fab. Can't decide which I like more... Bee Teeth, I'll be keeping an eye on your Instagram feed and shop for sure. Keep making beautiful wondering lovely things.

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