Monday, 13 April 2015

Home Life

I wish this was a picture of my vase collection. Alas, it s not. Random image from the interwebs but I would have most of these (but not the blues ones...) in my collection if I could. I have a few variations of a few, and fear the collection will come to a standstill in the US. Missing my Amsterdam Ij Hallen for sure, but what can you do.
Anyway. I love looking at my collection, especially now that I'm home all day every day. Very peculiar being a housewife after so many years of (crazy all-hours ad-land) work. I'm enjoying the time with Oscar, but it's getting a bit challenging with a growing bump. He's super fast and I'm now super slow. Ha.
Still cannot believe in approx 5 weeks from now we'll have another little bub in the house. Two little terrors! Oh my goodness. Might even be earlier than that; the way this little one is kicking, I think sometimes it's trying to break free already... time will tell. Thankfully my folks and siblings are on the way and that will be invaluable help. Little Dash better just hang on in there until the calvary arrives!

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