Friday, 5 June 2015

And Then There Were Four...

So this is where we were towards the end of the pregnancy, which was pretty draining with a serious complication in the beginning, relocating internationally, and running after a toddler. And this is where we are now –
Axel Zoso Pou Rafferty arrived a full two weeks early on May 5th. Weighing in at 3.560KG, and 49.5cm long he was pretty decent size despite his early arrival. Today he's 1 month old! We've had a pretty ok time adjusting to life with a newborn and a toddler, though obviously times are busy given now it's a month since he was born that I'm actually getting around to introductions on the blog.
Oscar has adapted pretty well to having a little competition about the place. His first meeting of Axel was just beautiful. He was curious, tender, and excited. Now he goes up to Axel every now and then, has a look, or will hold his hand, but on the most part just ignores him and in his own little toddler world! Ha. As soon as Axel can kick a ball around with him he's going to be very happy though.  
Axel is a sweet little dude, just like Oscar was as a little bug. Feeds very well, sleeps pretty well, and is very curious when he's awake. I'm curious to see how the boys are alike, and how they differ. Below; catching some rays below, a few days old.
Look! Mamma got a hot new set of wheels! Double-decker pram action is the way of the future. I think Axels is about a week or ten days old in this photo. Makes a big difference being able to get both kids out of the house in the one buggy. I would have gone the Bugaboo route, but it came in at about $2K (no joke) for a two-kiddie option and that was a bit rich for our blood. So we've got a Baby Jogger that so far I'm loving. It came in at a fraction of the price, is really lightweight and is easier to clip in the chairs (the basinet can also go in the top toddler chair setting, if I want to take him out on his own). Right now we have one toddle chair and one basinet, but we've also got another chair for when Axel grows out of the basinet. Which at the rate he's growing will be some time next week. It got good reviews online, and we have to agree; good value for money.
We've got a full house right now with my parents here for three months, we've also had Edu's parents for a week, my brother arrives tomorrow, and my sister in a couple weeks. So it's all go go go here. But life as a family of four is good. I can't believe I'm a mum of two boys! This is it for us, no more kiddies. Now I'm just trying to savour the moments of Axel as a baby; already he's growing too fast. 1 month already?! Fun fact; this little guy could be president one day! Woohoo! His cousin also could. How nuts is that? And another fact; each one of us born in a different country; Spain, Australia, The Netherlands, and now The States.
Ok, and for me, it's time to go and feed the little one again...

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Cat Reynolds said...

So good to see you all together! Lots of love from us. xx