Friday, 19 June 2015

Whitney Museum of American Art

My family are in town so we've been sight-seeing up a storm. Earlier this week I planned some things to do in Chelsea, but screwed up as the gallery I wanted to visit was a lot further north than I realised. New plan; visit the Whitney Museum of American Art. Good move. The Whitney opened it's new home in Chelsea on May 1 this year, and so far seems to be a hit with all. There's a lot of art, but not too much that your brain goes into visual overload. Starting at the top level (8) and working our way down, so many pieces I liked. Especially the works that documented the history of times, intentionally or not. We were there with my boys, one asleep (he's 6 weeks old) but the other (19 months) very much awake and he thoroughly enjoyed the museum. There were stuffed chickens, rooters, the dog (below) he wanted to go up and pet... and he loved a piece of changing projected coloured light on the ground. 
He also loved the view, especially on the rive side, overlooking the highway. So many trucks, cars, busses... there was a lot of happy dancing* going on. A lot.

And I have to agree with him; the views from all the floors is great. And it makes a nice little breather from the artwork before you head to the next floor.
 Some of the pieces I liked.
The boy taking a look at the view down to the High Line. So if you're looking for something to do in the city, maybe taking a break from the heat, I highly recommend the Whitney.
*yes, Oscar has a 'happy dance'. It's the cutest goddam thing to see. 

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