Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Play With Your Food

Tuesday night turned out to be a lot more interesting than anticipated this week! Edu's company, The Barbarian Group, leant their super desk out to artist Emilie Baltz in collaboration with chef Andrew Gerson of Brooklyn Brewery for Traces; an experimental 5-course meal. No utensils in sight! We donned aprons and sat down to smears of butter on the table, courses dolloped, squirted, splattered in front of us, then nothing but our fingers to dive in and enjoy the meal with. Firstly, aside from the art fun of it all, the food was amazing. Super tasty, interesting combinations, I loved everything. Even the raw sea urchin that I'd never had before, and raw meat. Who says I'm not adventurous with food? (my husband does). Hope I did you proud babe. I pretty much licked the table clean! Though I forgot to snap a pic of my fabourite course with raw scallops and pineapple and lime. Just delicious. Such good fun, and I'm inspired for my next dinner party... watch out dear friends.
Afterwards we took a stroll and ended up in this speak easy in Chelsea and took in a spot of live jazz as I downed a very tasty cosmopolitan. First cocktail in the city after pregnancy. Then home we sped back to relieve the grandparents of their duties and pass out all warm and fuzzy and happy and content for, oh, a solid 2 hours before the littlest boy woke for his feed. Great night, Dudu. Great night x

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