Monday, 14 September 2015

Dino Days

Last weekend was a doozey. It was a long weekend here in the US of A, and we headed to Field Station Dinosaur on Sunday. And LUCKY we did. It was the last weekend it will be open for a long time as they're getting kicked out of their space to make way for a new school. Bummer. I hope they can find a new space for the 35 life-size animated dino's they have. They were pretty rad. And Oscar was into them. I was a little worried he's be scared (he's 22 months old, still my baby), but nope, fearless and super excited. Happy-danced his way around the park and was exhausted for days after. Here are some snaps of some of the friends we made. Loved you, Dino park, good luck finding a new home.

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