Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Halloween has come and gone, and it was loads of fun. We dressed Oscar up as the Gruffalo, one of his favourite characters over the last year. His little brother was The Little Brown Mouse. I found Oscar's costume via Etsy, and Axel's was a simple addition of tail and ears to a brown suit from H&M. Our festivities kicked off with a trip to Papa's office, where Oscar fast got over his initial shyness and then ran riot and fit the bill looking like a true Barbarian. Advertising agencies are full of toys, right, so he had a ball.
Friday started with a walk around the block in full Halloween attire with Oscar's daycare class. Beyond adorable. Then later at home we got out finger-painting on and decorated a pumpkin.
Saturday morning we were off down the road to Fort Greene Park, where there is lots of Halloween fun for all. Oscar basically just ran around the entire time.
The only time we stopped running was to kick a football, or do some dancing. We ate lunch in the park surrounded by the beautiful trees in fall colours, then headed home for naps.
In the evening we were out again for a final Halloween finale. A fellow parent had told me about Halloween 313: a local Clinton Hill institution. It's a theatre production in front of someone's house that's been running for years. We went along, and it was fabulous. Oscar throughly enjoyed it – perched on Papa's shoulders, clued to the action. We caught the first show which started at 5.30pm, then slowly headed home past all the trick-or-treaters to pop to tired little bunnies in their bed. And that, was Halloween!

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