Thursday, 12 November 2015

New York Transit Museum

Transportation. It's dominating our lives a lot right now as my eldest son is obsessed with all things transportation. Buses, cars, motorbikes, bikes, trucks, trains, you name it, he's into it. So it seemed like the logical choice to take him to the Transit Museum for his second birthday treat.
Basically, he flipped out. So so very excited. Kicking off with the wheel barrow's of rocks as you first enter. Big hit. And he ran around the space until towards the end of the top level he saw the two life-size busses. One just the front part (you can sit in the drivers seat) the other front and side seating for passengers. Well he basically just bounced from one bus to the other like he was a ball in a pinball machine. Edu and I had to take shift running after him, and taking photos was nye on impossible.
The photos of the vintage train carriages are from the real trains parked downstairs along the track. They were beautiful. We didn't make it downstairs with the kids, Edu and I just took turns to have a sneak peak. We'll be back to the museum for sure though.

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Hatchers Manor said...

These trains seems to be quite old and they are maintained very much! How many year old are these?